Mistral Home remains in full expansion. We continue to expand our confection in Poland with a 4,000 m² building of our own.

Meanwhile, our warehouse becomes too small and Mistral Home proceeds to purchase a second warehouse across the street.

We also continue to expand internationally with the opening of our own shop in beautiful Tanzania.

To keep growing, Mistral Home takes its first steps into the world of e-commerce with the launch of its own webshop. Sales of our products on marketplaces soon follow. To facilitate single order picking, part of the warehouse is converted.

Mistral Home now has 17,000 m² of warehouse space.


Mistral is breaking new ground: professionalisation and sound expertise are more important than ever. A modern brand name and logo will mark this new era: Mistral gives way to Mistral Home. The logo is set in fresh red with a playful twist.

Mistral Home manages to continue to grow into a medium-sized company within Europe. The company building in Nazareth, meanwhile, is 12,000 m² and strong enough to continue expansion.


By the end of 2005, the building in Venecoweg also becomes too small. A large and sleek building with stately and large windows becomes Mistral's new home. With a site of 18,000 m² and a 6,000 m² building, Mistral can develop and professionalise even further.

It is decided to set up its own office in China & Pakistan where our two merchandisers Robin & Amjad will represent Mistral.


It is decided to invest in its own business building. Venecoweg in Nazareth becomes their new base of operations in this respect. With 3,000 m² of space, they start in good spirits in their new premises.

The cooperation with Béata in Poland for the confection can begin. Today, Béata is still our most loyal and reliable partner. An in-house textile department is started up and pays more attention to packaging and designs.

The old logo is also taken in hand. Out with the serrated edge, in its place come clean lines.


The Vanderbauwhede family home is becoming too small. Mistral decides to rent some offices and a warehouse at transport Teirlinck in Asper. In total, they rent an area of 1,200 m².

The collection of seat covers is expanded and the first mini showroom is created.


Luc Vanderbauwhede decides to set up his own textile company. At the time, his wife Claire De Clercq is reading the book 'Mistral's Daughter', resulting in the spontaneous birth of the Mistral brand.

With great ambition, but with even more risk, the Vanderbauwhede family's house is transformed into office space. The hobby room becomes an office, the hall continues as a reception area, the garage functions as a stockroom and the living room is transformed into a very first showroom and photo studio.

The children help count curtain hooks and neighbour Roger's help is also indispensable.