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Laundry tips


We do not recommend a specific brand but avoid a washing powder with optical bleach.

If you use a washing powder with optical bleach, you may get white stains on your colour laundry.

The temperature varies from product to product, so always follow the specified washing instructions.

Washing at a higher temperature than indicated is at your own risk.


Not sure what the wax symbols mean? View our downloadable overview here.

We do not recommend leaving the textile in the humidity for a long time. The colours may fade if the textile is left wet for too long..

By hanging the linen directly open, there will also be fewer creases.

Hang-drying gives the best results. Textiles dry smoothly and only need to be ironed.

Hang it in a warm place. In nice weather, you can hang it outside.

That way, you will not only have a less wrinkled result but also save energy.


Let the bed linen dry inside out, especially if it is hanging outside in the sun. That way, the colour will not fade because of the sun.

Hang the table linen facing the sun.

Always read the washing instructions carefully. This may vary depending on the quality.

If using the dryer, use a low temperature in a not too full drum for a short time.


Do not wash more than one double duvet cover or two single duvet covers at the same time.

If the drum is too full, the laundry cannot move enough so not everything is washed equally well.

If you often wash with an overfull drum, this can also lead to a breakdown.


We recommend washing the duvet cover before first use.

By washing bed linen first, it will absorb moisture better. A moisture-absorbing duvet cover increases sleep comfort.


Rinsing bed linen first in cold water helps colours hold better.

By adding a little vinegar to the wash, you fix the colours.

Always wash a duvet cover inside out.

When you wash inside out, the colour of the linen is better preserved.

You also avoid washing streaks by doing so.

Wash the mattress protector or pillow protector every 4-6 weeks for hygiene reasons and optimum comfort.

Six weeks is also the average development time of house dust mites.


Although you can wash most mattress pads at 95°C, we recommend washing them at 60°C.

This is warm enough to wash away dirt and bacteria and is a lot better for the environment.

We advise against this. Have the down duvet cleaned by a professional.

The synthetic duvet can be washed at 60°.

This may also go in the dryer.

The My Pillow pillow can be washed at 60°.

Use the dryer to give the pillow more volume.


You reactivate the water-repellent coating by ironing.

These tablecloths should not be machine-washed, but can be cleaned in a jiffy with a wet cloth.

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