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For years, Mistral Home has been donating to charities. Since 2020, this has also been made concrete by adding it to the KPI's related to our Corporate Social Responsibility.


There are certain initiatives that we support on a regular basis, while others are more on a project basis.

The latter often arise from the request of a colleague or a consumer.

Fixed values

Children's Cancer Fund
Doctors Without Borders
School Tanzania

"BiJeVa aims to assist children and their parent(s) facing disadvantage. To ensure that the activities of local professional caregivers have longer-lasting impact. The focus here is on the role of shame in deprivation and the importance of equal treatment. The focus is on reducing stress, avoiding unnecessary interference in the family, providing resources and enabling opportunities."

Pink Walk in aid of Think Pink

At each edition, employees can register for this. Mistral Home pays their registration fee, and thus their contribution to Think Pink. Participants can also be sponsored by external parties.

Donation of fabrics to non-profit organisations, associations and schools

Once our rolls of fabric go below a certain metrage, we can no longer produce orders from these as there are then too few pieces left to manufacture from the same fabric. To make room in our warehouses, we sought a sustainable solution for this in 2021. Our fabric waste goes to Delorge, among others, to be reused as insulation in cars, but sending rolls of fabric for this purpose seemed a waste. 
The solution: we wrote to schools, non-profit organisations and associations in the neighbourhood asking if they could use rolls of dust. The response was extremely positive and soon our leftover fabric was distributed. 

Some examples of what ended up being done with our donation:

    • making chair covers with a pocket for classroom reading books;
    • making curtains for a residential facility for youth;
    • crafts;
    • decorating the gymnasium for the school festival;
    • making tablecloths for the scouts;
    • and many more fun and very creative projects.

On a project basis

non-profit organisation LEJO

"At LEJO, young people are at the centre. We therefore engage with young people and we continue to believe in each and every one of them. Through our experiential methodology, we encourage young people and create space to (re)discover and develop their potential. We strongly involve the school and other key figures so that together we make it possible for young people to discover signposts and choose their own path."

Floods in Wallonia 2021

On the one hand, we donated money to the Red Cross; on the other, we donated 8 pallets of plaids, quilts, pillows, etc. 

Emergency shelter Ukraine

The Carmelite convent in Bruges was set up to accommodate 75 to 100 Ukrainian refugees.

Mistral Home ensured that all beds were equipped with duvets, pillows & bed linen.

Housing refugees from Ukraine

Many families from the neighbourhood took in Ukrainian refugees. After some time, these people are employed and can start looking forward to finding their own place.

At the request of one of our clients, we helped decorate the flat with decorative pillows, plaids, quilts, bed linen & rugs.

Collection of plaids Free Primary School the Growing Meadow

At the end of 2022, the children and teachers of the Vrije Basisschool in Ouwegem collected plaids to donate to the Sociaal Huis Kruisem before Christmas so that they could provide many people with a warm winter. A total of about 100 plaids were collected, half of which came from Mistral Home.

Cosy corners in the primary school

We do get requests from schools to donate cushions and/or plaids so that they can create a quiet corner. These are set up as reading corners or spaces where children are given the opportunity to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the playground.