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Electric company cars

The first step in making our transport more environmentally friendly is to renew our commercial vehicles. The goal is to make 20% of all company cars electric by the end of 2023.


In 2022, we have not yet ordered any new cars. A full procurement plan will be drawn up in 2023.

Appoint transport manager for structured sustainable transport

The first step for this initiative was to start grouping transport as much as possible, using the shortest possible route.


The goal for 2022 was originally to appoint a transport manager. This plan was scrapped, and we decided to start replacing this with grouping transports. As for example, we now get monthly instead of weekly deliveries from Romania.

Offsetting CO2 emissions from business travel

Through our travel agency, we commit to making a contribution with every trip to offset the CO2 produced by that trip. They invest this amount in projects that have a positive impact on greenhouse gases, such as combating deforestation.


In 2022, we chose the Kariba project.

In total, we offset 12.22 tonnes of CO2 emissions

  • 4.22 tonnes of CO2 offset in Forest project in Zambia
  • 8 tonnes of CO2 offset in Forest Project in Zimbabwe

Reduce mileage for transporting bulk goods

In 2021, we started filling our decorative cushions in Belgium, so that only the decorative cushions are shipped from the Far East. This way, you can send more covers in 1 shipment.

No more EURO 4 trucks

From July 2022, we have decided not to receive EURO 4 trucks in our own yards.