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A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy body is the basis for a healthy mind. With this in mind, we are happy to focus on the health and wellbeing of our Mistrallers.
There are various initiatives that are undertaken to this end. These come from both the management and the colleagues themselves.

Healthy snacks

In our breakroom ‘The Cantina’ everybody can help themselves to free fruit that is freshly delivered each week.

The Pink Walk

We like to mix our social commitment with initiatives for improving health, for example, we participate in the Pink Walk in support of Think Pink.

Our colleagues that take part, strive to walking 10 000 steps every day. Mistral Home pays for there registration.

In addition to the health benefits, we raise money for Think Pink with our registration fees and donations.

Sports @ work

Another crowd favourite is sports at work. Every other week or every two weeks, depending on the possible time slots, we exercise one day after work.

Every few weeks we alternate between sports so that there is something for all likings.

For these sessions, the trainers come to us with all the necessary equipment. All colleagues have to do is show up in sportswear and be ready to go all-out.

So far we have done boxing, crossfit and piloxing.

The committees

The Mistral Home team is the backbone of the company.

Being a socially responsible company starts with our team. This is why we created our sustainability & social committee, for example.

The committees are made up out of members from every department. This helps us to see where changes can be made as each member has knowledge of their respective department. It also helps us to communicate our goals and values internally. It is important that every team member keeps our values in mind.

Next to these two, we also have our team for product development, decoration, marketing, etc.

We have created a variety of committees and given everybody the chance to join. We want everybody to feel free to express their opinion and we want them to brainstorm with other each other.

We believe every Mistraller can be an added value to the company, not just within their job description, but also a human being with their own interest and strengths.

Professional development & improvement

Giving everybody on the team a chance to grow helps us evolve as a company.

We offer our co-workers the opportunity to follow trainings to help them improve their skills. These can be external trainings, but can also very will be held in-house.

In the autumn of 2021 the management sent around a questionnaire in which people could indicate about which topics they would like to know more, and to which extend. Do you need an introduction or is there a specific need you have within a program you use every day?

Combining all of these result, it was clear that the need for more knowledge and training was clearly present.

In the following months multiple training sessions were held. A large part of those will be given by a colleague who is more experienced in a certain area, a part will be given by external professionals.

Topics for the trainings are for example plaids, our operational platform, languages, and many more.