cherry pit cushion

Pain or bruising? Abdominal cramps? Or just feel like relaxing?

A cherry stone pillow is your lifesaver!

Of natural pain relievers, heat is one of the most efficient.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Reduces cramps;
  • Relaxes the body;
  • Dissipates waste products faster, allowing muscles to recover faster.
  • Do you have an inflammation? Then you can also use your cherry stone pillow as a cold compress.


Handy, isn't it?


✔ The pillow heats up easily and quickly.

✔ It holds that blissful warmth for a long time.

✔ It moulds to the body and spreads even heat or cold.

Some tips for safe use

1) Gently warm it up

Start with 1 minute at 600W in the microwave to warm up the heat pit, build up gently from there until you find the ideal heat for you.


2) Lightly moisten before heating

You can do this with a plant spray, for example. This will warm up the cushion faster and it will retain its warmth longer.


3) Do not reheat a damaged pillow.

Time for a new one!


4) Place on a clean plate in the microwave

This step is often forgotten, resulting in scorching or grease spots.

Food leftovers often stick in the microwave, when heated with a cherry pit cushion on top, this can lead to spots, smoke production or fire.

So always have a plate underneath for a safe relaxing moment.


5) Never use a heated beanbag on inflammations

De warmte is nefast voor ontstekingen en zal deze alleen maar verergeren.


6) Can also be used as a cold compress

Put it in the freezer for a few hours in a waterproof bag, your cold compress is ready.